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This how to receive a fax tutorial is specific to the Fax.Asia online fax service which features a fax number reservation system. Our fax numbers are meant to be used temporarily, therefore, can not be published on business cards or related materials. On this how to web page we have broken up our easy to use one page form into smaller pieces for discussion. After you sign up for an account, account info is the first page you will see. Click on the receive a fax tab as shown in the image below and prepare to receive your first fax online.

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Select A Fax Number:

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First you must reserve a fax number. Select a country then a fax number as you can see is number (1) in the example image to the right. Fax numbers are available for reservation in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. We will be expanding our fax number pool this year so please submit a ticket from the need help tab if you will be frequenting our website and do not see your country listed. For display purposes we show one toll free 800 fax number and one local 860 fax number.

Select A Reservation Period:

Select how much time you would like to reserve the fax number you selected. You can extend a reservation from the my faxes tab before it expires, however, if it does expire the number goes back into the pool for other members to pick up. Please plan ahead and reserve more time up front if your sender is unreliable or will send you documents over multiple days for example. If you have not worked with the sender in the past, assume that they will be unreliable. Write down the number then click to reserve.

Confirm Your Reservation:

After you make a payment it is important that you return to the my faxes page to confirm that we received your payment and the reservation has started. You have 10 minutes to make a payment. If your payment is delayed by your financial institution, for example, then you might lose the number to someone else. Of course we issue refunds in such cases but that isn't the point. Most payments process instantly, however, on occasion payments do get delayed by Gremlins. Below is an image showing the my faxes tab.

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My faxes is the tab that manages all of your Reservations, Inbound, and Outbound faxes. On the my faxes page you will see your current and past fax number reservations as in the example image below. You can adjust the time zone setting from the account info page while traveling for example. Also seen in the image are the actions to cancel, delete, extend, make a payment, and to request help. Available options are shown as blue links, not applicable actions show as grey text without links.

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Pick Up Your Fax:

Just below your list of reservations will be a list of inbound faxes received during your reservation period. We of course refund any faxes that are not yours, however, this is a rare occurance. Any number that gets spammed is quickly removed form our fax number pool. In the example image below you can see FROM, TO, number of pages, and the date/time received. This information is also emailed to you as an alert to pick up your faxes as soon as they come in. Delete, open as pdf, open as tif, make a payment, and request help actions are linked in blue when applicable.

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Next Steps:

This receive a fax tutorial covered the how to and not the Fax.Asia online fax service features and frequently asked questions. You may wish to review the following web pages prior to receiving your first fax online.