Send a fax to India, country code 91

How To Send A Fax To India

To send a fax to India use the following fax number format +91 - area code - local number. In the fax number format, the country code for India is 91, and the India area code is 2 to 4 digits. Local numbers are 6 to 8 digits in India. Area code plus local number in total should be 10 digits. Adding the 2 digit international calling code or country code of 91 brings the fax number to 12 digits in total.

Exit codes such as 011 from the United States and 00 from the United Kingdom are not entered when using an online fax service. If you are trying to send a fax to India using a mobile phone, traditional phone or fax line, or a VoIP phone service, you may need to dial the 011 or 00 exit code. Reference the how to dial an international phone number section of your carrier's documentation if you can't connect to a fax number in India.

Send A Fax To India

  • India fax number format: +91 - area code - local number.
  • India country code: 91.
  • India area code: 2 to 4 digits.
  • India local number: 6 to 8 digits.
  • Area code + local number total 10 digits

No response or the fax number is always busy? Try to resend the fax during normal India business hours. Fax machine errors such as busy, no answer, or not all pages sent may indicate a jammed, out of paper, or out of ink fax machine. If the employees are out of the office, they will not know the fax machine is jammed, out of paper, or out of ink. Virtual fax machines may also be set to do not answer during India non-business hours, for example.

India Area Codes

CityArea CodeDialing Code
Agra562+91 562
Dhanbad326+91 326
Meerut121+91 121
Ahmadabad79+91 79
Faizabad5272+91 5272
Nagpur712+91 712
Allahabad532+91 532
Hyderabad40+91 40
Nasik253+91 253
Amritsar183+91 183
Indore731+91 731
Patna612+91 612
Asansol341+91 341
Jabalpur761+91 761
Pune20+91 20
Bangalore80+91 80
Jaipur141+91 141
Rajkot281+91 281
Bhopal757+91 757
Jamshedpur657+91 657
Surat261+91 261
Bombay22+91 22
Kanpur512+91 512
Vadodara265+91 265
Calcutta33+91 33
Katwa3453+91 3453
Varanasi542+91 542
Coimbatore422+91 422
Lucknow522+91 522
Vijayawada866+91 866
Combay2698+91 2698
Ludhiana161+91 161
Vishakhapatnam891+91 891
Delhi11+91 11
Madurai452+91 452
Wardha7152+91 7152

When you send a fax to India or any international fax number, we recommend that you edit out any unnecessary dark lines and gray patches. Avoid fancy fax cover pages, keep them simple and straight to the point. Use any photo editing program to clean up or lighten the background of scanned receipts, credit cards, and photos, for example.

A page full of useless gray or black patches can add many minutes to your transmission time and cause a fax transmission error. The price to send a fax to India will be less expensive if you are paying by the minute, and, your fax will have a better chance of completing without an error.

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Last updated: May 13, 2019